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MANMADE RECORDS: Gold Edition – 2010

Old funk, nufunk, ghettofunk, blue funk – Dr Seuss would have a field day as we live through the most amusing genre-name wars since the old trip-hop versus ‘blunted beats’ conflict of the mid-nineties. All that aside, Manmade celebrate their tenth release with some 24 carat action in the form of a double vinyl EP – which you just know is going to be cut loud. Label owners CMC & Silenta go large from the outset with a bit of township action throwing an old Miriam Makeba classic (also rinsed by Basement Freaks a while back on Cheeba Dance) into bed with the Jungle Brothers and some chunky beats – definitely ‘pata pata’ time. Also at the party are Badboe & Prosper who bring a mid-tempo slice of ragga-soul-hop to the party, Funkanomics and his rude pneumatic electro refix of Stevie’s Superstition, plus beefy disco action from Nine Lives The Cat, Slynk & Tom Drummond, and beefy breaks from The Breakbeat Junkie and DJP. This leaves Telephunken to arrive last and coolest with some timely advice about jazz cigarettes and a nifty Latin titty-shaker. Arriba!
(Out 24 November 2010 on Manmade Records)
Listen to Manmade Records – Gold Edition
Manmade Recordings
(PRESS RELEASE) Manmade Records: Gold Edition
This is our 10th release and we’re proudly presenting the full package of funky mashup from some of the best NuFunk artist at the moment. An 8 track double LP, DJ friendly in 45 bpm for best sound quality. This one features Badboe & Prosper, The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP, Slynk & Tom Drummond, Funkanomics, NineLives The Cat, Telephunken and last but not least CMC&Silenta. Keep the dance floors burning!
Manmade Records – Gold Edition – tracklist
1. Pata Pata – CMC & Silenta
2. If You Want My Love – Badboe & Prosper
3. Superstition – Funkanomics
4. Cat, Nip, Tuck – Nine Lives The Cat
5. Cow Bwoy Break – Slynk & Tom Drummond
6. Listen To The Deejay – The Breakbeat Junkie
7. Funky Now – The Breakbeat Junkie Vs. DJP
8. Feeling Good – Telephunken

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