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[rating: 2.5]

Manmade’s Feature Funk series has been a regular drop over the last year or so, with each volume tending to have a different sub-generic slant (last time round it was mostly disco-tinged) and throwing up some big bangers in the process. There have, however, previously been hints that the label has had an itch to go to the big beat/ breakbeat-house cheesefest ball and on this one they finally go properly large. Let’s hope they’ve got it out of their system. Dancefloors will still be jumping of course – especially those that feel the world would be a better place if only more people would make music like Fatboy Slim but unfortunately, despite the press release, what’s really happened here is that noise and energy have ganged up like a pair of ugly sisters and locked real funk in the scullery. As with its predecessor the best cut on here is the CMC & Silenta one which (by accident or design) uses a Red Hot Pipe & Slippers sample from the same song as the last Goodgroove drop. The others kind of made me want to go and put the kettle on.

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