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MANGO WOOD: Bangarang/ Wanted (Vinyl 7″)

Bangarang 45 Mango Wood[RATING: 5] If you caught the 2020 debut LP Stomp You Down from Madrid-based early reggae outfit Mango Wood you’ll know two things – firstly, there’s no band on the planet who’ve nailed the boss reggae ‘sound of ’69’ more closely than they have which, secondly, means that any future Mango Wood release is cause for celebration. Which means it’s time to celebrate for here is new Mango Wood 45 Bangarang b/w Wanted. Contrary to expectations, the former is not actually a cover of the Lester Sterling track of the same name but a chugging 64 (or 128) bpm organ-drenched Inspirations/ Pioneers-style number. Flip side Wanted is a slower (or faster – see above) another vocal cut with a bit more of a skank to it and equally dope. If you dig this, you won’t want to hang around since it won’t either!
(Out now on Liquidator Music)

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