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MAKO & MR BRISTOW: Mojan Edits: Uptight Boss b/w Beg For A Dollar (Vinyl 7″)

Aaaand this is what happens when people mistake the ‘stank’ in Stank Soul Edits for ‘skank’. It sets Mako & Mr Bristow to thinking – ‘What would a ‘skank soul edit’ sound like’? Maybe a riddim from back when rocksteady was morphing into ‘boss reggae’ on a Toots/ Upsetters/ Trojan tip and maybe pair that with a classic American soul vocal? You know – like as if Berry Gordy had organised a big Motown Records trip to Kingston, Jamaica in 1969 and there was a meeting of minds between the Detroit crew and the local producers?  Yeah – just like that.  Naturally, this sort of thing has to come out on vinyl 7″ but what to call it? ‘Skank Soul Edits’ – maybe? No, wait – that’ll make the confusion exponential! What about ‘Trotown Edits’? Nope – sounds too much like ‘Toytown Edits’ and this is serious shit.  Ah, wait, I have it – what about Mojan Edits? Yes, that’ll do nicely. So, say hello to this Mojan Edits 45 featuring double floor-filling trouble Uptight Boss and Beg For A Dollar.  Have a listen – you’ll see what they did there. Reggae most definitely got soul!
(Out 4 March on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)

Mako & Mr Bristow "Beg For A Dollar" Mojan Edits from My Therapist on Vimeo.

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