MAGIC SOURCE: Earthrising (2016)

Earthrising Magic SourceEarthrising by Magic Source? Are there any hippies involved in this? Surprisingly, despite the band name, the LP name and track names like Cosmic Awakening and Purple Galaxy, the answer is no. This is neither proggy psychedelia nor – er – proggy electronica, all indications to the contrary. There are only really three main things you need to know about the Magic Source project and the first two are that the man behind it is Bjorn Wagner of Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band and that Bjorn doesn’t mess around as successive Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band releases have confirmed. And while whoever wrote the PR for this was certainly working overtime characterising Earthrising as “a step towards a new style: Analog-Electronica, or so called Cosmic-Disco sound,” essentially the third thing you need to know is that the sound here is firmly instrumental four-to-the-floor disco but done in a mainly analog style (though with some essential theremin and vintage synth work) plus occasional afro trimmings. The vibe is firmly funky and veers from the space boogie of the opener through tropical pop to squelchier business. The resultant brew provides both dancefloor material then and something with which to contemplate Barbarella and Flash Gordon’s respective journeys through the stars.
(Out now on Favourite Recordings)

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