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M-TRI & DJ LEECY T: She’s The DJ, He’s The MC (Extended Mix) b/w Trading Places (7″ Vinyl) + videos

M-TRI & DJ LEECY T:  She's The DJ, He's The MC (Extended Mix) b/w Trading Places (7[RATING: 5] There had been rumours of something big on the way over at the camp of web mag, club night and, latterly, label, 45 Live, which has been practically humming with excitement about forthcoming drops – and here’s a banger. It’s a seven inch release of M-Tri & DJ Leecy T’s massive boom-bap bomb – She’s The DJ, He’s The MC. Is it the back-to-basics ethos of drum breaks, samples and scratching for the beat? Is it the party-celebrating word-smithery of the bars? Is it the fact that here is a super fresh brand new old school combo in which the long-ignored DJ gets equal billing once more with the emcee? That the DJ is female and the emcee is male? The fact that the pair provide a positive image of multi-racial harmony in Trump-era America? Or that the DJ can rock the mic and the emcee can rock the wheels of steel – as revealed on the equally dope flip Trading Places? It’s all of the above of course – not that you’ll be thinking about anything but breaking out the Pumas and the fat laces when you hear it. Why they’re just a slick live deejay and a raw emcee! Props to the monkey’s 45 Live homies for making this happen. Order HERE and play loud – though you might want to use a slipmat unlike Leecy T. Check ’em below and whatever you do: Do. Not. Sleep.
(Out 8 Feb. on 45 Live Records)

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