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LROY vs SUCKASIDE: Toxic Funk Vol. 8 (Vinyl 7″)

LROY vs SUCKASIDE:  Toxic Funk Vol. 8 (Vinyl 7Looks like it’s LROY and Suckaside who get to deliver the latest volume in BBP’s 45s series Toxic Funk, with Volume 8. This consists of Second Warning and Let The Music Play a.k.a. breakbeat edits of a pair of late sixties soul cuts a la, Paul Sitter’s Nothing But A Heartache from earlier in the year. Oohh you’d like to hear some of that wouldn’t you? Sadly, embeddable audio is signally absent from the ‘cloud, the ‘camp and the ‘tube no doubt for fear of the heat it could bring from some global music megacorp even though their sample-lawyer wouldn’t even get out of bed for the total profit a ltd. release like this would make. So you’ll have to make do with the Juno player in all it’s skipping glory. Did someone forget to check if the tonearm was down properly? We’ve all been there.
(Out now on BBP)

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