LOOSE JOINTZ: Is It All Over My Face? (Vinyl 7″)

LOOSE JOINTZ:  Is It All Over My Face? (Vinyl 7‘Is it all over my face?’ asks singer Melvina Woods on the Larry Levan female vocal version of the notorious Loose Jointz disco track of the same name. And of course what was all over Woods’ face was an expression of joy at her love of dancing – so get your minds out of the gutter. Only kidding – you can send ’em back down again, since songwriter (and renegade disco don) Arthur Russell’s primary musical and lyrical inspiration for the track seems to have been the pan-sexual late 70s shenanigans at Studio 54. Still, if it’s an expression of joy you’re looking for, you might find one in the mirror right after reading that re-press label Get On Down have done a ‘first time on 45’ short edit of Levan’s legendary version.
(Out now on Get On Down)

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