LOOP MAFFIA: Blue Cheese EP (2014)

Blue Cheese EP Loop MaffiaSo there I was looking for an angle on Loop Maffia‘s Blue Cheese EP and I googled ‘blue cheese’ for inspiration. And there it was in black and white: “The smell of this food is due…to …types of bacteria encouraged to grow on the cheese…the bacterium Brevibacterium linens is responsible for the smell of many blue cheeses, as well as foot odor and other human body odors.” In other words, if you like blue cheese you’re a fucking deviant. I bloody knew it! ‘Oohh just try a bit – you might like it’, ‘stop being so fussy’, ‘It doesn’t smell like feet’. Yes it does. It not only smells like dirty feet, it’s the same bacteria as dirty feet. You might as well suck dirty feet. You sick bastards. On the other hand if you like the Blue Cheese EP however, you’re in the mood for a bit of a head nod with some glitch stylings. I know which group I belong to and it’s not one that likes the smell of dirty human feet anywhere near my mouth.
(Out 17 March on Bulabeats)

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