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Here he is then – LongDistanceDan – popping up out of the ether (as he is wont to do every now and then) with his psychedelic take on instrumental hip-hop and latest release the Adventure Games EP. A six-tracker, and never less than atmospheric, it runs from the chilled to the lively and beat-heavy. The cinematic Road To Winter is perhaps the most mellow affair on the EP though the broken beats and synths of Alice’s Adventure put it in a similar ballpark. The Rhodes piano and ride cymbals on opener The Weeping Willow say ‘chill’ but are paired with a brisk drum break so the track ends up (like the title-track with its ominous sci-fi atmospherics and double bass over rolling breakbeat) sitting somewhere in the middle of the trip-hop-to-uptempo breakbeat spectrum represented on the release. At the opposite end of things are the monkey’s favourite tracks – the heavily psychedelic The Final Quest – all crashing cymbals and crunchy drums and the fastest track – the aptly-named, moody groover Dexter’s Run. Players below and check the video below that.
(Out now on Dusted Industries)

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