LONE NINJA: Quad Barrel (Prod. BLAQ MASQ)

LONE NINJA: Quad Barrel (Prod. BLAQ MASQ)I have to say, I don’t recall a quad-barrel shotgun being among the traditional ninja inventory – but you’ve got to keep up with the times I suppose. And it’s probably just as well because on this one, Lone Ninja’s taking on Phantasm‘s undertaker, The Omen‘s Damian Thorn, demonic puppets and Richard ‘Night Stalker’ Ramirez, not to mention entering the House Of A Thousand Corpses and boarding the ship in REC 4 before getting busy with the possessed paintings of Velvet Buzzsaw. Business and usual then – which is to say total carnage. Oh and let’s not forget producer Blaq Masq provides backup support with (appropriately enough) a John Carpenter-esque synth-powered beat. No further whispers of an album yet though.

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