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LONE NINJA feat. RAY VENDETTA: Concealed Position (Prod. BLAQ MASQ)

LONE NINJA feat. RAY VENDETTA: Concealed Position (Prod. BLAQ MASQ)The ongoing partnership of emcee Lone Ninja and producer Blaq Masq continues with new single Concealed Position featuring kindred spirit Ray Vendetta (possibly not his real name) of Triple Darkness who joins forces with our heroes in for a new onslaught of verbal combat. Like ninja costume, Blaq Masq’s beat this time eschews frills for dark simplicity, with relentless boom-bap drums, subby bass and ominous pulses of synth. It’s the perfect musical backdrop for a tale of lyrical ambush referencing everything from Tom Berenger to Escape From Tarkov and is all over in two minutes five seconds flat like – well – like a lightning strike by trained assassins. But who is unlucky enough to be in the frame this time? That, my friends, is as mysterious as our masked assassin’s true identity – I like to think it’s gammon though. You’ll be pleased to hear that full-length effort, Day Of Reckoning drops some time this year.

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