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LL SMOOTH K/ GREGORY PORTER: Fix Up The Seed / Liquid Spirit (DJ SNATCH EDIT)(Vinyl 7″)

Looks like November is big mash-up/edits month as another two-pronged dancefloor attack from the Battle Weapons label arrives. This time it’s masked man LL Smooth K on side A and DJ Snatch remixing jazzman Gregory Porter on the flip. On Fix Up The Seed, the unmistakable vocals of a certain Dizzy Rascal have been detached from the baseball-bat-hitting-an-empty-dustbin beat they originally accompanied and placed instead over something a little more The Roots-y to floor-filling effect. Meanwhile, DJ Snatch pours a bit of production voodoo over Mr Porter’s Liquid Spirit, giving it a stomping uptempo beat that turns the minimal and mellow jazz-bar original into an energetic slice of neo-Nawlins jazz, party breakbeat set-friendly craziness. Job’s a good ‘un!
(Out now on Battle Weapons)

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