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LIPPHEAD: The Squirrel From Ipanema

LIPPHEAD: The Squirrel From IpanemaIf you weren’t aware that producers Blockhead and Eliott Lipp were working together as Lipphead – er – you are now. Debut LP, In The Nude, is out mid-June on the Young Heavy Souls label but before that comes debut single The Squirrel From Ipanema. A mid-tempo hip-hop instrumental, it features crunchy drums, and richly layered instrumentation with a non-lyric female vocal loop that bodes well for what is to come. Like the album, the single features artwork of the duo’s mascot, Lipphead, (drawn by Maddie Chaffer) though here it is just playing the drums rather than lounging naked on a tigerskin rug à la the LP cover. We’ve all been there.
(Out now on Young Heavy Souls)

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