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LEON: School Of Groove (2014)

School Of Groove LeonOK – quiet now please, School Of Groove has begun! Thank you at the back – just because I’m not looking at you, it doesn’t mean I can’t see what you’re doing! Ok, so today’s lesson is all about Leon whose intention is to educate you all in the ways of jazz-funk influenced breakbeat instrumentals. Some of you may be familiar with this sort of concept from the recent Astronaut Jones single Game Theory so you will know to look out for the odd triangle or Rhodes piano riffs amidst the syncopated percussion and subtle wah-wah guitar. It’s important that you also pay attention to the use of neo-disco stylings on the title track – note the minimal four to the floor beat and the funky clavinet – along with vocal snippets from, of all things, a northern soul track – specifically Edwin Starr’s 25 Miles. Elsewhere you’ll find a latin influence – the flamenco style guitar on Leave Me Alone for example and even a chugging rock guitar presence vying with the Rhodes on closer What A Jam. Can anyone suggest to me which is the best track? That’s right that was a trick question as there’s no right answer, though if you were to ask me I’d guide you to the summery stylings of Song 4 Gala or the title track. Now then, homework – ooh wait – no, that’s the bell – just have a listen below for next week and we’ll leave it at that yeah?
(Out now on Timewarp Music)

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