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LEBROSK: You Got To Love (2012) Free download

It’s been a while since Lebrosk has featured in an MB post but it would be rude not to publicise his hands in the air mash-up of Black Box’s cover of You Got The Love with Belarussian producer Bahamat Den Swimmer‘s Once I Had Love. It’s all about the love, see. Well more of an juice-splattered orgy of sources really since Black Box’s You Got The Love was about the millionth cover of that song and Bahamat Den Swimmer seems to have lifted the hook from The Flirtations’ Once I Had A Love. Incidentally, while we’re on that kind of a trip, I feel duty bound to point out that the female voice of Black Box on You Got The Love was actually Martha Wash, whereas the supposed ‘singer’ was actually French-Caribbean model Katrin Quinol. On the other hand, Quinol wasn’t, as rumour had it, a transexual but a proper lady with proper lady bits. Which makes me feel a lot better about those teenage stirrings I had while watching her on Top Of The Pops. Did I say that out loud? Fuck it – Quinol was fit.

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