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KOOL HERTZ: Here Comes The Sun EP (2017)

If you haven’t tuned in to Kool Hertz‘s frequency yet, now might be a good time as his four-track Here Comes The Son EP is out and very loud. In time-honoured party breaks fashion, old and not-so-old samples are cut up and looped, given the funky drums treatment and a bass jolt. The first two tracks cater to the kids with the title track’s wobbled-up treatment sure to work up a sweat as a certain Beatles number gets spliced with C+C Music Factory while Do Your Thang appropriates Charles Wright for glitch-breaks business. The second half rocks even harder though with two straightforward big beat bangers as blues guitars vie with Fatlip over pounding drums on Knucklehead and, best of all, The Who and Doug Lazy (via Fatboy Slim) large it on Can’t Explain (Feeling Good). Feeling good indeed – and a props the cover artist who provides a nice pastiche of old school Chemical Brothers cover art.
(Out now on Suga & Butta Records)

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