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THE KNUX – Bang-Bang/ Cappuccino – Free mp3 downloads and videos

It’s press release time again folks – get yourself some free Knux Xmas goodies and mind your heads on all that hyperbole..!



“Hip hop used to be feeling, not a form – a boom-bap rush that could, and would, be interpreted and articulated differently by it’s various creators. It was this loose constitution, open to infinite amendments, that bred the broad crop of creative, innovative rap in late ’80s and early ’90s. However, things changed. When the financial stakes are high, that which makes dollars makes sense, and consequently a more polished and rigid vision of hip hop emerged in the mid-’90s, and it catapulted the genre to new heights.

Hip hop continued to progress into the new millennium and brought even newer formulas that bridge the gap between all musical genres, reaching wider audiences and combining styles in order to grow, adapt, stay alive and thrive. Consider The Knux, and their genius, genre-bending debut, Remind Me In 3 Days…, the sledge hammer that’s going to save the music.

“It’s funny,” says Al Millio, the younger Knux brother (yes, they’re blood kin separated by 2 years), “Because people make such a big deal about the fact that we produce and play our own music, and that it sounds ‘different’ or whatever, but to us that’s more hip hop than making lame shit that sounds like everybody else.” For those of you who like to put things in boxes, it’s like this: The Knux are a self-produced group comprised of two brothers from New Orleans. They play all their own instrumentation and fight like The Kinks. Their debut album sounds like Outkast, Juvenile, Tha Pharcyde, and The Strokes concurrently blasting, out of a drop-top Jag on Sunset Blvd. on a Saturday night in the summer. Wrap your head around that.”

LP Remind Me In Three Days is out now on Interscope Records.

The Knux – Myspace

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