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KMD: ‘Bl_ck B_st_rds’ book/ CD/ 7″ (2015)

Bl_ck B_st_rds KMD book cd seven inchThe second of two more re-released hip-hop classics in interesting formats in the run-up for this year’s Record Store Day is this version of KMD’s lost classic LP Bl_ck B_st_rds in a collector’s edition cd. A stone classic – the second LP from KMD finally received an official large scale release in 2001 but dated from eight years previously when it was criminally shelved by the band’s label because of the cover art. One of the members of KMD of course was youngster Zev Love X, the original incarnation of the man now known as DOOM a.k.a. Daniel Dumile. On the brink of fame after the minor successes of first LP, Mr Hood, the band suffered the loss of other key member (Dumile’s younger brother), Subroc, who was killed in a road accident which the band’s label Elektra sensitively dealt with by shelving Bl_ck B_st_rds and dropping the band.

The album did eventually get a release but this particular version is on cd in the format of a children’s book, with a second disc of bonus material and a pop-out seven inch in the ‘book’s back cover. Everything on the LP is the bomb but for all the talk about cuts like the title track, Plumskinz and What A Nigga Know – the killer cut for the monkey is still Smokin That Shit. The album and the book remain timely, not just for being dope hip-hop but also given the continuance of highly dubious race-related police marksmanship on both sides of the Atlantic. Full tracklisting below. Brucie bonus vid below that…
(Out soon on Get On Down)

Garbage Day #3
Get-U-Now • What A Nigga Know?
Sweet Premium Wine
Plumskinnz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)
Smokin’ That S*@%T!
Contact Blitt
Black Bastards
It Sounded Like A Roc!
Plumskinnz (Oh No I Don’t Believe It)
Constipated Monkey
F*A# Wit’ Ya Head!!
Suspended Animation

Get You Now
Contact Blitz
Sweet Premium Wine
What A Nigga Know (Album Version)
What A Nigga Know (Remix Vocal feat. MF Grimm)
Constipated Monkey (Album Version)
Constipated Monkey (Q3 Album Version)
It Sounded Like A Roc (Vocal)
Stop Smokin’ That Shit (Vocal)
Get You Now (Instrumental)
Popcorn (Instrumental)
Contact Blitz (Instrumental)
Garbage Day III (Instrumental)
What A Nigga Know? (LP Instrumental)
Constipated Monkey (LP Instrumental)
It Sounded Like A Roc (Instrumental)
Stop Smokin’ That Shit (Instrumental)

SIDE A: What A Nigga Know?
SIDE B: What A Nigga Know? (Instrumental)

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