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KITTEN & THE HIP: Groove Is In The Heart (2016) Exclusive free download!

Groove Is In The Heart Kitten And The Hip[RATING: 5] Sometimes originals can be bettered. Sometimes they can’t. But of those that can’t, sometimes they can be equalled. Especially if the cover is so gloriously lunatic it provides a singular aural experience. Step forward Kitten & The Hip, utterly unfazed by taking on not just one of the biggest chart hits of the nineties but a timeless dancefloor classic. Initially a strikingly faithful cover of Dee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart, this eschews samples for live instrumentation – slick work itself – which is matched by Kitten Quinn’s provocative saucing-up of Lady Miss Kier’s party girl vibes. Then three and a half minutes in there’s a ‘decks-turned-off’ wind-down moment and suddenly everything goes completely batshit for part 2 as master of ceremonies – ‘The Hip’, Ashley Slater, enters with all manner of filters and passes, the mother of all build-ups for a mental space-rock-gospel-stomp all the way to the end. One to consider if you want your set to go out with a bang. Cop it below – an MB exclusive free download until next week!

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