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KISTA & GLAD2MECHA: Collecting Dust (2014)

Collecting Dust Kista Glad2MechaJudging by the formats on which this has now already sold out, I’d say the last thing album love-letter to soul, jazz and funk 45-sampling boom-bap Collecting Dust is doing is collecting dust. Raising dust maybe. And even a brief listen to the work of UK producer Kista and US emcee Glad2Mecha will reveal why. It’s classic mid 90s style boom-bap – only made now, obviously.

Kista has scoured the crates to create crackly beats which are based around samples that are mainly lusciously and jazzily orchestrated or occasionally straight-up funky and the execution casts a broad net of references which takes in Tribe (Q-Tip is even sampled on Five Keys To Success for example), Gang Starr, early Souls Of Mischief, Blackalicious, Artifacts and even All Natural in the use of tinkly piano loop and strings on lead single Nouns And Verbs. Glad2Mecha’s rhyme content and delivery reference the same era and it’s not something he’s trying to hide admitting, on the same cut, that his, “soul’s trapped in that 90s boom-bap/ The years of a true lyricist way back with a four track”. Even Artifacts member El Da Sensei thinks it’s dope since he’s turned up on mighty closer Droppin Mics on which hot bars are kicked between the two over dirty funk rock riffage. Don’t sleep…
(Out now on Soundweight Records)

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