KING, COCKNEY & KURNEL: The Wackiest Jam (2015) Free download

The Wackiest Jam King, Cockney, KurnelThere’s been Crosby, Stills & Nash, there’s been Emerson, Lake & Palmer and now there’s, King, Cockney & Kurnel though they supply neither psychedelic west coast folk rock nor prog rock. No indeed, for the stock-in-trade of KCK (as the monkey is calling them for short) is swinging ghetto-hop. Well, I say trade, there’s this track at least, featuring the combined party production talents of Jason ‘Bubaking’ King and Cockney Nutjob plus the dancefloor-rousing mic talents of Kurnel MC. That’ll be The Wackiest Jam then and you can get the ball rolling by downloading below. Something tells the monkey there’ll be more to come…

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