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KILMATIK feat. KOOL KEITH as ROBBIE ANALOG: Zero Weirdos (KEV LA KAT remix) (2015) Free download

Zero Weirdos Kev La Kat remix…on which Kev La Kat has a stab at remixing at Kilmatik‘s Zero Weirdos featuring legendary Ultramagnetic MC Kool Keith as alter ego Robby Analog. Well, I say features – he does a verse at the end. Always nice to hear him though – going on about eating out the crackerjack’s box, having a Pamper to cover your buttcrack and having a criteria to wash in Ajax, among other things. Ahh, Keith…anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Kev la Kat’s remix which makes things a bit more likely than the dreamy psychedelic original in kind of swing-hop manner. Absolutely zero weirdos involved in the making of this. Cop it HERE plus the instro…

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