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KID ACNE: Innovate (Behind-the-scenes video from ‘NULL & VOID’ LP)

KID ACNE:  Innovate You’re a musical artist, your duties constitute writing, recording and performing and possibly getting regularly hammered after gigs while fending off legions of groupies. Menial tasks like, er, creating album cover designs and artwork is the job of graphic designers or printers or, well, someone anyway – and crucially not you, right? Wrong! Leastways if you’re Kid Acne – as this new behind the scenes video for Null & Void LP track Innovate demonstrates. For those not in the know, our man’s creative talents include graphic design along with the attendant skills of screen-printing, manufacturing LP inserts and obi strips and then the thankless task of packaging all that shit together and individually stamping each freshly packaged LP. Oh and fell-running. Yeah, well, after all that effort on stage, in the recording studio and in the art studio, you need something to do to chill out. And nothing let’s you chill out like a run up a mountain, half-dressed in freezing-ass weather, does it?

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