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KID ACNE: Dues Paid (Now I’m Overdrawn)(Prod.. SPECTACULAR DIAGNOSTICS)(Video)

The second single to drop in a month from the forthcoming Hauntology Codes LP by cult UK hip-hop treasure Kid Acne is Dues Paid (Now I’m Overdrawn). Over a loping, lo-fi beat by Chicago producer Spectacular Diagnostics, our Kid manages, in typically wide-ranging fashion, to reference angel-human hybrids from The Book of Enoch, Duran Duran, Pat Benatar, Aldous Huxley, P45s and mighty 32kb (well – it was the ’80s) home computer the Dragon 32 – all while having a dig at himself for staying in the game so long. Perhaps a video? Maybe one shot on the streets? Featuring our bearded but Puck-ish rap raconteur? But what cultural nexus could possibly serve as a backdrop to such richly referential bars? How about Leicester?! And is our man really overdrawn? Hell no! His lyrical credit is still AAA rating!
(Out now on Lex Records)

Dues Paid Now I’m Overdrawn, Kid Acne, hip-hop, Lex Records

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