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KIBOSH: Back N Forth EP (2017)

KIBOSH:  Back N Forth EP“On the Bass Funk Glitch Hip Hop Soul Breaks tip,” it says on Kibosh’s Soundcloud with no word of a lie. Has he got his fingers in enough stylistic musical pies!? Actually he hasn’t even declared all the – er – pies he’s got his fingers into. Omitting the word ‘swing’ was something of an oversight for example – given the abandon with which he sprinkles samples of said music throughout his new EP on Scour Records – Back N Forth. Yes, it’s another genre-blending kaleidoscope of sound-nuts from the label with the greedy squirrel as its logo and, quite aside from the swinginess, Back N Forth is replete with JB shouts, funk drums, Public Enemy samples, all-original bars from Kiwi emcee Imagine This plus – yes, alright – bass wobble. And you needn’t be thinking our man waits for a new track before conducting his generic leaps either. He waits all of four bars, for example, on the apparently skanking opening track before bringing the swing. It’s a compositional policy employed throughout the release and, all expectations to the contrary, provides a remarkably cohesive listening experience. Got bounce? This four-tracker’ll sort you out.
(Out now on Scour Records)

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