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KERBSIDE COLLECTION: Glaze[RATING: 5] Ok, the monkey overlooked this one but it was for personal reasons so hopefully that’ll excuse the late coverage of Glaze from Aussie ensemble Kerbside Collection. And what Glaze is, is a slice of summery, funky library music-style groove. It says here, ‘Are you ready to sunbathe on the golden beaches of Queensland?’ but to be honest it’s the sun-drenched blacktop of 70s American cop and private eye shows that this evokes more than anything. As this Rhodes, clavinet and flute-laden groove washes over you, it’s very easy to imagine Petrocelli, Kojak, Quincy or a hundred others in a transition scene cruising down a sunlit highway en route to some investigation or other which given the current global state of play is probably a time, place and era more than a few are happy to be transported to, even if it is only aurally. Comes with a suitably-70s animated video – check below.
(Out now on Légère Recordings)

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