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KEMO THE BLAXICAN: ‘Upside Of The Struggle’ LP released 17 August 2010

Not enough Latin lingo in the lyrics you’re hearing? Not enough barrio in the beats? Time to cop a bit of Kemo The Blaxican then (I’ll leave you to puzzle out his mixed heritage) – since the former Delinquent Habits member drops his third solo album on 17 August this year. Given previous efforts (cop the video to La Receta off the first solo LP below links) this promises to be a release date of note especially since, among others, Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog makes an appearance. Album press details below the video.
Kemo The Blaxican – Myspace

(PRESS RELEASE) West Coast Latin hip hop pioneer, Kemo the Blaxican, is an MC and producer who creates music that transcends cultures and blends hip hop with funky beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and clever hooks for an overall dynamic urban sound.

His new CD, Upside of Struggle, slated for release August 17, 2010 (Dead Silence Records) is series of hip hop tracks inspired by his roots; specifically southern California culture and the music that influenced his youth—from west coast funk, soul, and classic hip hop, to traditional Latin music. The album features guest appearances by Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) and Tetsuya Weeping Willow Nakamura (formerly of War) on “Just What You Feelin,” as well as contributions by Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm).

Upside of Struggle is Kemo’s third solo album on Dead Silence Records, which demonstrates his evolution as an MC and producer. This 12-track incarnation bursts with musical styles and compelling arrangements. Kemo’s lyrical skills stretch back and forth between L.A. street slang and barrio Spanish, never hesitant to show both sides of his composite. He moves the listener through moods, harmoniously encapsulating contradiction, antagonism and the co-existence of good, even during bad times, all with mind bending ease.

Kemo The Blaxican is a former MC and lyricist for West Coast Latin hip hop pioneers, “Delinquent Habits.” He is also the proud owner of indie record label, Dead Silence Records and the urban fashion t-shirt line, Joint Clothing. Kemo also works successfully in publishing, garnering his music in numerous national T.V. ads and films, for over a decade.

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