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KAZAHAYA: Remember Hip Hop EP – 2009 – review

[rating: 5]

Remember hip-hop? I’m damn sure Flo Rida doesn’t. Luckily Japanese crate-digger Kazahaya does. What’s more, he remembers it how it was meant to make the crowd move. And since nowadays beats are frequently wack as fuck, he’s looped some funky shit on the title track. And since most rappers nowadays are wack as fuck too, he’s taxed a few verses from some of the greats (I’ll let you have a crack at spotting who) propounding various notions about hip-hop. If that sounds like he’s recycled bits from the genre that kick-started recycling bits from other songs, that’s because it is. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t dope and fresh and all the other words that I over-use when something’s really dope and fresh. Oh yeah – the other tracks are the shit too.
Out now on Breakin Bread

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