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KAHLI ABDU & TRACKPANTS: On This Side (2014)

On This Side Kahli Abdu Trackpants[RATING: 5] This’ll make you miss summer. A little over three minutes of tripped-out guitar picking over a crackly breakbeat and the reverbed rhymes of DC’s Kahli Abdu adds up to one sweet slice of psychedelic hip-hop which missed its ideal July release date by two and a half months, a ten degree drop in temperature and a shitload of rain. At least at the monkey’s end. Luckily Abdu’s production partners are called Trackpants which leavens the bittersweetness of the late arrival somewhat and the video’s all about partying in the sun. It’s how they do on their side…

Kahli Abdu and Trackpants – On This Side from Kahli Abdu on Vimeo.

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