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KABANJAK: Echoes In The Night (2013)

Echoes in the night? I get a few of them around my way. There one is – peaceably enjoying the evening – when suddenly the silence is shattered by something along the lines of “leave it Dave, he’s not worth it!” reverberating along the road. After midnight on weekends, anyway. There’s nothing to harsh your mellow on Kabanjak‘s new full-length effort though.

Kabanjak, in case you weren’t aware, is one half of German production duo Ancient Astronauts – who, even if they haven’t actually had any Von Daniken-esque contact with antediluvian humanity, have at least ventured through musical space and time on their multitude of breakbeat and hip-hop production travels. Which brings us to Kabanjak’s second album.

Echoes In The Night is a thirteen track instrumental breakbeat odyssey which kicks off with lively enough single Chain Reaction and tours through the latin-breaks of Get It On and two versions of the contemplative For The Moment. It properly gets into gear though with the arrival of a brace of crunchy-drum-powered, cinematic hip-hop instros Rise Up and Strange Boogie which are surely crying out for the double A-side vocal treatment featuring somebody suitably NY old school and dope on the mic. The remainder of the album maintains these high standards but consists pretty much entirely of blissed-out and spacey dub and digi-dub – including the rather brief but excellent title track. Echoes indeed.
(Out now on Pedigree Cuts)

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