K.SABROSO: Tribe Called Quantic ‘The Terrapin Scenario’ (2012) Free download

Another slamming b-boy hip-hop remix for you in a week or so full of them. K. Sabroso (him, again) acknowledges the sources of his mash-up by attributing the track to ‘A Tribe Called Quantic’ and naming it The Terrapin Scenario. Of course old-fashioned people who can read and were alive when the constituent parts of this were originally released will be able to divine in an instant the sort of thing they are about to hear before they hear it and will slaver a bit in anticipation. Digital natives with over-sized thumbs and two second attention spans will just have to click blindly through to the music and wait that bit longer to understand that this is a b-boy breaks graft of Q-Tip and friends onto an uptempo portion of the Quantic Soul Orchestra. Cop it below…

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