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K.SABROSO: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Funky (2013)

If you ever fancy a b-boy breaks snack, the Breakin Bread collective can always be trusted to have something suitable on the menu and their latest ‘special’ is this little 45 from K SabrosoRevenge Is A Dish Best Served Funky. Actually it’s less b-boy breaks than a full-on b-boy blood feud characterised by the darkest of piano chords, trumpet stabs and snarly guitar. Oh – and is that a pumped up bit of the Commodores’ Assembly Line break in there? I think so. Side B (yes – there’s vinyl, wax heroes) finds Fleg switch up K Sab’s punishing beat for something a little lighter – but still pretty mean-sounding…
(Out now on Breakin Bread)

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