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JUST ICE: Sir Vicious: The Best Of Just-Ice (2013)

There he is look – Just-Ice – standing proud on the cover. In his snow-wash jeans. You wouldn’t take the piss though would you? This man used to be a former bouncer and was one of the first rappers who could claim to be truly hardcore. This is a man who declared war on Run DMC and on the entire Washington go-go scene. True OG. Taking the piss would be dumb. You’d end up laid out stone cold. Dumb and getting cold. Coincidentally the track that opens mammoth compilation Sir Vicious: The Best Of Just-Ice is his most famous track is Cold Getting Dumb. But he did a lot more than that.

And twenty four of them appear on this – culled from Just-Ice’s early career – mainly his first three LPs from the end of the mid to late eighties – Back To The Old School, Kool & Deadly and The Desolate One. Which means we’re mainly in an era where conversations in the recording studio must have run thus: “Shall we put some bass on that?” “Nah, just turn the sub right up on the kickdrum and add a bit of reverb mate. No-one’ll notice” Alongside the original and ’97 remix of Cold Getting Dumb, you’ll also find KRS-One team-up Moshitup (source of the vocal sample used as a hook on Gravediggaz’ 1-800 Suicide) and tracks from his debut twelve inch – Latoya b/w Put That Record Back On.
(Out 15 July on Fresh Records/ Traffic)

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