JURASSIC 5: The Way We Do It (Zemerald remix) + (Phibes remix) + original + video (2014) Free download

The Way We Do It Jurassic 5 Zemerald Phibes[RATING: 5] If new Jurassic 5 track The Way We Do It doesn’t quite knock hard enough for you (and lord knows it should), try Zemerald‘s re-edit of the California crew’s first ‘new’ material since their reunion. Expect bleepy things over the bizarre soul-jazz dropout that producer Heavy D stuck in near the end – plus some extra crazy drum fill antics and synth siren sounds throughout to keep the kids happy. And if that doesn’t knock hard enough for you, try Phibes‘ full-on ghetto funk rework. Compare and contrast the rerubs with the original below and cop ’em all. Oh and nobody tell Heavy D’s ghost that DJ First Aid used that White Stripes sample when he hooked up with the Aspects crew back in ’06 for Take A Sound.

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