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JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES: Step On/ Meanwhile On The 15th Floor

JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES: Step OnHaving previously covered both the Stereophonics and Oasis in an early reggae stylee, Original Gravity label supremo Neil Anderson now turns his attentions towards The Happy Mondays if not indeed John Kongos. Enter our man stage-left in his Junior Dell & The D-Lites guise with assistance from a Jamaican singer and an uptempo rocksteady cover of Step On. If that twists your melon too much though you can flip this 45 over for Meanwhile On The 15th Floor and an instrumental original that applies a thoroughly 1967 Kingston rocksteady filter to a twelve-bar blues melody.  As far as the monkey’s concerned though, you’ll be hearing something to nice up the dance whichever side you play.
(Pre-order now/ Shipping February on Original Gravity Records)

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