JUNIOR DELL: Last Night Reggay (Vinyl 7″)

Righteous early reggae vibrations on new Junior Del single Last Night Reggay from Original Gravity Records which finds label main man Neil Anderson (for it is he!) once more channeling the heavy, heavy monster ‘sound of 69’ in arguably his most convincing effort yet. And that must be pretty convincing given previous much-lauded efforts on MB, you’ll have to agree. It’s not our Neil singing of course (though he did recently disclose to the monkey in his South-Eastern twang that the Latin tones of Nestor Alvarez actually was him on Fortune Teller) but in his multi-instrumentalist capacity, he’ll no doubt have laid down most, if not all, of the music himself. It’s all rather Kingstonians-like in the monkey’s opinion – which is a very good thing indeed. Comes instrumentally versioned on the flip by Woodfield Road Allstars (yes, Neil again) with organ replacing vocal and is equally brilliant.
(Out now on Original Gravity Records)

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