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JUNGLE: Busy Earnin’ (Mooqee beats edit) (2014) Free download

Jungle Busy Earnin MooqeeAnyone familiar with London ‘soul collective’ Jungle and their 70s-ish single Busy Earnin from earlier this year may be aware that they were so busy “earnin'” that it prevented them doing a number of other things. One of these was writing lyrics that went much further than the phrases “busy earnin'” and “you can’t get enough” and another was adding a beat with any substance. Blimey – it’s a wonder they managed to keep time in that video. If only there were a competent breaks producer at a loose end…Actually, as luck would have it, Bomb Strikes main man Mooqee did happen to have a few spare minutes to do the decent thing recently. You can enjoy the results below and cop for free HERE.

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