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JSTAR: Killa Reggae Mashups – Most Wanted Archives Vol. 3 (2015) Free download

Most Wanted Regga Mashups Vol. 3 JStarVolume 3 in a four volume series of ‘Killa Reggae Mashups’ finds JStar once again doing what he does best by mixing and matching hip-hop, reggae and rnb acapellas with hip-hop, reggae and rnb beats like some sort of bootleg Gok Wan. Yes, I did just say ‘rnb’ – and the fact that this man has never shied away from using what many self-respecting hip-hop heads regard as ladies’ or Rico Suave-type males’ music has always lent his output a certain steaminess that others fail to capture. Witness for example the palpable sauciness of Thug A Dub, the Montell-featuring This Is How We JStar or the self-explanatory The Brandy Track for example.

Of course, some may feel that such business is all a bit pussy for them and yearn for some reggae hip-hop class. In which case look no further than the sinous restraint of the Jeru-flavoured Taxi Damaja – an admirable example of how mashup producers don’t always need to go balls deep on the boom-bap – the lighter touch can work too. Though if you must insist on going balls deep there’s Balkan Nas too. If it’s fat mashed dubs you’re after however, check Royal Busy Zion and the massive clattery closer Gwan Test The Marshall which should more than sort you, your speakers and anything not anchored to the floor near your speakers right out. Cop the niceness below…

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