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JSTAR: Hear The Sound (2016)

Hear The Sound JStarTime was that when you heard a reggae hip-hop mash-up featuring either a well-known hip-hop beat and a lesser-known dancehall vocal (or a well-known hip-hop vocal and a lesser-known dancehall beat) the person responsible was almost certainly one of three men – one of whom was JStar. But in recent years he, like the other two (Shepdog and Mr Benn) has drifted away from the sort of booty he popularised as the number of cheeky reggae hip-hop edit producers metastasized. And there have been plenty of distractions – own original productions, untold official remixes and so on and so forth. Which is where Hear The Sound comes in – for it features eleven such remixes plus a couple of secret bonus cuts just for summer jollies.

The sounds you hear on Hear The Sound embrace a range of dancehall sub-genres so there’s everything from echoey dubs to dnb with all manner of influences from the afro to the ragga and reworks of everyone from Dub Pistols to Major Lazer. Of particular note here are a dubbed-out reggae re-version of Black Grass and Dominique Noiret’s Don’t Leave Me This Way, a righteously antsy versioning of Max Rubadub’s Couldn’t Believe, a the pulsing rumble of what happened when JStar took on Dirty Dubsters’ Special Request and – pick of the bunch – an epic dub-reggae version of Major Lazer’s Johnny Osborne’s Jah No Partial. More than enough to put your bass bins under heavy manners.
(Out now HERE)

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