JSTAR feat. KINCK: Liar Liar (2016)

liar-liar-jstar-kinckWhat do reggae mash-up kings do after they’ve thoroughly rinsed the concept of the reggae mash-up? Make their own shit of course! Step forward JStar who, like Mr Benn is proving as dab a hand at turning out original material as he was at grafting together unlikely reggae, hip-hop and rnb bedfellows. Liar Liar finds our man deliver a haunting slice of dubby modern reggae over which Danish/Senagalese vocalist Kinck unfolds a tale of betrayal. Remixes come in the shape of half-time dnb, breaks and housey-garage from Mikal, Turntable Dubbers and Capitol 1212 respectively. Players and video below. ‘Ear me now!
(Out now on digital and vinyl HERE)

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