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JON KENNEDY: Greatest Hip-hop Misses (2015)

Greatest Hip-hop Misses Jon KennedyThat man Jon Kennedy finally compiles all the hip-hop shit he’s been on or involved in over the last fifteen years. Modest to a fault, he entitles it Greatest Hip Hop Misses though, this notwithstanding, the content is quality assured. Expect to find many fat beats and fairly frequently (because there’re a few hip-hop instros on here too) righteous rhymes. The former take the form of stoned grooves (like er – Stone Groove), straight up boom-bap through crunchy brit-hop, a brace of Joe Driscoll remixes to more jazzy and electronica-influenced numbers. The rhymes are delivered by the likes of the sadly-vanished Dribbla, The Sixth Letter, Carpetface, Audible1, Eurok and those NYC legends…QnC on no fewer than three versions of JK’s track Pronounce Your Shit. In other words, no need to move on, plenty to hear, here.
(Out now on Jon Kennedy Federation)

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