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JON KENNEDY: Corporeal Remixed Part 2 (Teaser) (2014)

Corporeal Remixed Part 2 Jon KennedyMore varied downtempo-isms and instrumentalisms from the JKF camp as Jon Kennedy‘s 2013 LP Corporeal gets a second LP’s worth of tangible remixing shortly. In the meantime here’s a five-track teaser in advance of the full LP. Steve Cobby of Fila Brazilia makes the ‘chilling on the yacht’ vibe of Tonto Rides The Gain even more chilled, while Dopedemand provides an equally relaxed but more jazzy take on You Are The Fire. Maker’s take on Shine So is percussively more busy than the original and Soulparlor goes deep on Funk Boutique. This one’s all about Chris Karns‘ uptempo, stutter-breaks rerub of the vaguely bluesy Boom Clack however.
(Out now on Jon Kennedy Federation)

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