JOHNNYPLUSE & THE STORMTROOPERS OF LOVE: Ideas With Sound EP (2014) + ‘Question Is’ (Funk mix) free download

Ideas With Sound Stormtroopers Of LoveBulabeats Emperor Johnnypluse assembles his ‘Stormtroopers Of Love’ and ventures in to various reaches of the musical galaxy with Ideas With Sound. One idea is a bit funky (opener Question Is – which you can cop free below), one idea is a bit dub/breakbeat-y (Stuck To The Roof), another idea is a bit ska-breaks-ish (135 Rinka) and still another is…well it’s an instro version of the opener. The question on everyone’s lips is – isn’t this a little short for a stormtrooper release? Relax. It’s only an EP.
(Out 19 May on Bulabeats)

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