JOHNNYPLUSE & THE STORMTROOPERS OF LOVE: 135 Rinka (2014) Video + free download

135 Rinka Johnnypluse StormtroopersJohnnypluse & The Stormtroopers Of Love make even the ‘Happy Shopper’ ‘Star Wars Stoomtrooper outfit’ look deluxe in the video for 135 Rinka with their upturned ‘Smart Price’ white buckets and what look for all the world like budget biohazard onesies. Probably just as well given that they seem only to be wearing boxers beneath them and must be working up quite a sweat prancing around to the ravey skank of latest freebie 135 Rinka – which you may be surprised to learn unfolds at a zippy 135 bpm. Talking of zips, pull down the ones on those suits and it might be more a case of 135 Stinka…Vid below – cop the tune below that…

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