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JOHNNYPLUSE: The Incredible Dub

JOHNNYPLUSE:  The Incredible Dub Irish force of nature Johnnypluse enters 2018 in a manner appropriate for a man who is probably still, even now, only just starting to emerge from a NYE hangover – and that is with the comforting bassy skank of The Incredible Dub. As will soon become evident, this features a sample of General Levy’s Incredible – all fully licensed – but which does away with the more hectic drum n bass stylings of Levy’s original. And you can see why a man with a sore head might prefer things somewhat more – well – relaxed. The track is lifted from his forthcoming album, DJs Need Weapons and provides the sort of sonic ordinance one might find oneself in need of at either the start or end of a night behind the decks. Boo-yakka!
(Out 5 February on Bulabeats)

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