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JOHNNYPLUSE feat. BASS NACHO: Back To The Future (2012)

New from Johnnypluse is Back To The Future. Basically a vehicle for Bass Nacho it sees the Floridian doing some of that there speed-toasting business over minimal skankin breaks and bass abrasive enough to get rid of all your rough edges with proper singing on a chorus all full of island sunshine horns. You get the original mix and a radio edit, a bass mix that ramps up the percussion, and remix joker Bruce Forsite sounds like he’s trying to house us – alright my loves? The real joker in the pack however is bonus track The Swamp Wobble which lends a little southern comfort to the idea of breaks. Ghetto Cajun anyone? Don’t laugh boy. Better people than you never made it out this bayou.
(Out 20 May on Bulabeats)

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