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JOHN CARPENTER: Halloween (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Past To Present Fearmix) Free download

JOHN CARPENTER:  Halloween (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Past To Present Fearmix) Free downloadYou didn’t think the monkey was gonna let the scariest night of the year pass without something to commemorate it did you? Of course you didn’t, so here’s Rhythm Scholar carving up and stitching together forty years of John Carpenter’s Michael Myers-related synth-score business over a beat. You can call it the Halloween Rhythm Scholar Past To Present Fearmix if you like – he does. Why not scare the living shit out of yourself by buying a surplus shop-window mannikin, dressing it in overalls and a dodgy William Shatner mask and posting it outside your house with a large kitchen knife whilst playing this tonight? Undoubtedly the most frightening experience this side of coming face-to-face with a carved Trump-kin head. Fearmix, Stalkermix AND ringtones included in the free download. Cop it HERE; video below.

Tracks used:
1978 Halloween 1963
1978 The Haunted House
1978 The Shape Stalks Laurie
1978 Was It The Bogeyman
1978 Tombstone
1978 The Evil Is Gone!
2018 Intro
2018 The Bogeyman
2018 Michael Kills Again

Includes sdamples from the 1978 film.

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