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JIM SHARP: Gangsta Walk 7″ (2017)

JIM SHARP:  Gangsta Walk 7[RATING: 5] Dusty Donuts regular Jim Sharp branches out on his own for new booty seven inch Gangsta Walk and it’s a certified floor filler. The A-side plunders Mark Ronson’s massive dancefloor hip-hop banger Ooh Wee for Nate Dogg and Trife’s vocal bits and adds posthumously-released Nate Dogg ‘pella Gangsta Walk over a beat concocted from the same Boney M loop that Ronson used with some added Scorpio from Dennis Coffey for that extra sting in the tail. Or rather the intro, since that’s where you’ll find it. And if that hasn’t slain you, flip it Gang Starr’s Guru on a beat forged from Rhythm Heritage’s S.W.A.T. theme. Altogether now, ‘Let me see you do the gangsta walk!’

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