JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Funkin’ Your Soul (2017)

JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Funkin' Your SoulJayl Funk and Tarzan Bros. channel late 70s Bronx vibes on their latest collaboration Funkin’ Your Soul. Out on Jayl Funk’s very own Honkey Phonk label, this drop is all about the super disco-breakin’ vibes, positively dripping with retro-synth bass and funky geetar while Tarzan Bros. grace the mic in a firmly Sugarhill stylee. Let’s put it this way – Sylvia Robinson would have released it. Can I get a remix? Yes, you can! Enter Brazilian breakbeat big-beast, Trotter, to apply extra percussive pressure. Boom! And you don’t stop!
(Out now on Honkey Phonk)

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